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Our Wood Stove Cleaning Process Includes:

  • Breaking down the firebox to remove buildup of ash and soot
  • Inspecting and cleaning of the chimney system
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of the operating components outside the firebox
  • Inspecting stove for worn and dysfunctional parts
  • Inspecting for ventilation leaks
  • Completing a test run for optimal efficiency and air mixture settings

When you hire Integrity Heating, the wood stove cleaning professionals, your stove will run more efficiently all season long. Inside and out, we cover it all.

Wood Stove Cleaning | Inspection, Maintenance, Cleaning
  • Remove ash and soot buildup for maximum heat output. Our wood stove cleaning expert brushes, vacuums, and removes clinkers quickly for optimal operation.
  • Ensure your ventilation system is up to snuff. A professional wood stove cleaning includes a ventilation test to make sure your unit is breathing correctly.
  • Protect your family and home by ensuring the wiring, switches, and sensors are performing correctly. A wood stove cleaning includes testing of each of these components.
  • Rest easy knowing your wood stove inspection and cleaning is being performed by industry specialists. We are fully licensed and insured wood burning specialists, proving our inspections and repairs are the best around.

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